Picture a stunning castle standing amid a breathtaking landscape that offers regal grandeur and timeless romance. From awe-inspiring scenery to rich architecture boasting an incredible history, castle wedding venues in Melbourne have been capturing the hearts of couples across Australia and beyond for decades.

By choosing a castle wedding venue in Melbourne, you not only secure a romantic ambiance but also the opportunity for an elegant wedding ceremony and reception that exudes charm and character while being close to Melbourne.

Making castle events a part of your special day could be one of the most significant and best decisions if you’re dreaming of an unforgettable wedding day celebration.

Add a touch of elegance to your special day with castle wedding venues in Melbourne

There’s little doubt that a wedding will represent one of the most important days in your life. The venue is perhaps the most crucial part of your wedding arrangements because you want to ensure that you and your guests receive nothing but the best.

Here’s how castle wedding venues add elegance and luxury to your wedding:

Choosing a castle wedding venue that’s romantic and unique sets the stage for a stunning wedding experience that will leave a lasting impression on you, your spouse, and your guests. From castles that exude old-world charm and are steeped in history and elegance, to picturesque natural landscapes, castle venues offer an intimate experience for you and your guests.

The right venue gives you the perfect chance to celebrate your love story, making it a memorable and unique wedding ceremony and reception without being too far away from Melbourne.

Nothing adds to the elegance of a wedding more than a picture-perfect backdrop that can elevate your wedding photos with some natural beauty. The majestic architecture, unique indoor spaces, lush gardens, and iconic features provide visually stunning settings that capture the essence of your love story.

The endlessly incredible photo opportunities will leave your wedding album filled with stunning images that reflect the timeless beauty, historic character, and romantic setting of your special day.

Planning your wedding at a castle means that you have the luxury of privacy and exclusivity. The personalised service, secluded setting, event privacy, extended celebrations, and uninterrupted photo sessions all contribute to the unique experience awaiting you and your guests.

These stunning locations make sure that your wedding day stays intimate, unique, and small by giving you personalised attention that is aimed at making sure that your memories are sure to last you and your guests a lifetime.

The versatility of your castle wedding venue is important to create just the right ambiance for your wedding—whether you’re hosting a garden ceremony and reception for a large or intimate guest list. From lush garden settings adorned with fairy lights to elegant staterooms, there is an abundance of options to select from.

Any of these spaces can transform your special day by bringing your vision to life and curating a truly unforgettable celebration that reflects your unique style, personality, and preferences.

Destination weddings have gained popularity over the years as they allow you and your guests to celebrate your special day in a vacation-like experience. A destination wedding at a castle with on-site accommodations can help you extend your celebrations over a weekend rather than limiting it to a few hours.

From bonding and adventure to relaxation and cultural immersion, you and your guests have more time to enjoy this important moment in your life in an enchanting and unique setting in Melbourne.

Outdoor ceremonies are undoubtedly elegant, but they can be unpredictable in the event of inclement weather. However, with a venue coordinator and other logistical arrangements in place, an outdoor garden ceremony and reception can be a truly picturesque experience that offers numerous photo opportunities.

From natural lighting and spaciousness to ultimate guest comfort, these outdoor settings provide your event with a level of flexibility and personalisation that you may not find in other castle wedding venues.

Why choose Overnewton Castle

Overnewton Castle, conveniently located just 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD, offers a selection of wedding venue spaces and outdoor garden areas for your special day in Keilor, Victoria. From our Sherry Room and Victorian Room to our Grand Ballroom, we have hosted many opulent weddings, with every venue overlooking four acres of lush landscapes and countryside.

Whether you’re planning a day or night event, Overnewton Castle has something for everyone, including a non-denominational chapel and on-site accommodation for the bridal party. It’s not every day that you’ll find a castle set in the perfect ambiance for any style of wedding, and Overnewton Castle in Melbourne should be at the top of your wedding venue list.

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Do castle venues in Melbourne offer photography packages?

Yes, there are castle venues that offer photography packages. You may need to make bookings in advance, and payment may be required to secure the booking.

Do castle venues have chapels for the wedding ceremony?

Yes, some venues—including Overnewton Castle—offer a chapel for the wedding ceremony. You can even opt for a combination of seated and standing ceremonies.

Can any dietary requirement be accommodated?

Most venues will cater to any dietary requirement; however, the requirements should be informed at the point of booking.