Intimate events like weddings are all about having the most unique and stunning experiences to remember your special day. For many, hotels are still at the top of their lists when planning wedding ceremonies or receptions, along with making reservations for accommodation.

However, something that traditional hotels cannot offer that castles can, is the incredible architecture, lush surroundings, and impeccable character that adds some extra magic to your honeymoon or romantic getaway.

By choosing on-site accommodations for your intimate castle events, you’re able to enjoy the unmatched convenience and comfort of not having to travel to another location for your honeymoon. You can often select from a range of chic and modern accommodation options that suit your style and preferences.

Find the most breathtaking castle accommodations

Weddings are perhaps the most romantic and intimate moments in a couple’s life together, and wedding accommodations are equally as important to ensure that everything goes perfectly on your big day. But how can you choose the best castle accommodations for your wedding or honeymoon?

Here are some things to consider before you make the leap and settle on a castle accommodation option:

One of the major benefits of selecting a castle for your accommodation is the level of privacy that you can enjoy. Couples looking for the ideal spot for their honeymoon can select from a range of accommodation options where they can find the most idyllic space that matches their personality and preference.

Traditional hotel accommodations can often lack the privacy and tranquillity that couples prefer to have during their honeymoon. In contrast, castles not only offer you the luxury of a private setting, but they also come with stunning backdrops that hotels simply cannot compete with.

The mere mention of a castle as a suitable option for accommodation can leave many couples wondering if it’s something that can fit into their budgets. Especially with the expenses of a wedding ceremony or reception, selecting a stunning accommodation can be tough, but not if you find the right option.

Castles offer many accommodation options with various amenities specifically for couples looking for a quaint but elegant spot for their honeymoon that doesn’t come with a big price tag. So keep your eyes open for those budget-friendly options that don’t compromise the quality of your stay.

If you’re planning a wedding ceremony or reception, you may want to invite your family or close friends to spend the days leading up to the wedding together while relaxing and taking in the stunning views—and castles can offer some of the most flexible options that not only give you the privacy you need but also bring people together for more bonding.

Imagine arriving at a castle with a stunning history where you can take tours or engage in activities for a relaxing weekend with those closest to you before your special day. It’s a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime.

When many think about castles they think of secluded locations that are hours away from commercial and metropolitan locations. But it’s simply not the case. If you’re looking for castles that offer the perfect balance between privacy and accessibility, you have many options to choose from.

Look for castle locations that are close to the metro areas or CBDs and are also secluded enough that you’re not constantly reminded of the hustle and bustle of the city. Make sure that your romantic getaway has everything you need for a safe and comfortable stay that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Why choose Overnewton Castle

Overnewton Castle offers a selection of on-site accommodation spaces and wedding ceremony and reception areas for your special day. From The Cottage to The Stable and The Cabin, we have a range of alluring accommodation options that overlook lush landscapes, breathtaking scenic views, and expansive countryside.

Whether you’re looking for accommodation for your wedding party or a place for your honeymoon, Overnewton Castle has something for everyone. It’s not every day that you’ll find a castle set in the perfect ambiance for any style of event, and Overnewton Castle in Melbourne should be at the top of your romantic accommodation list.

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How many people in our wedding party can be accommodated in a castle?

This will largely depend on the castle location you choose and the size of your wedding party. It’s always recommended to contact the venue well in advance so that you can make the required reservations and avoid missing out on making it a memorable event for everyone.

Is it important to visit the castle before booking accommodation?

We do encourage you to request a viewing before making a reservation so that you’re aware of exactly what’s available and what you can expect when you arrive, leaving no room for surprises or disappointments.

Can any dietary requirement be accommodated?

Most castle venues will cater to any dietary requirement; however, the requirements should be informed at the point of booking so that you or your guests get exactly what they want without any setbacks.